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How to Create Brand Awareness through Customized Sticky Notes?

Personalized sticky notes make a powerful brand builder and an effective relationship builder due to various reasons. This tool works for all those businesses, which are trying to seek high values from their optimum investment.

Generally referred as- “Post –it Notes”, sticky pad, sticky note or adhesive pad– they possess that mesmerizing property of sticking information over different surfaces. They bring constant exposure to the brand without annoying customers. People use them for scribbling some information and love to stick them on other documents or their work tables or cupboards or any other surface, where it is to be seen.

You can use them tactfully to build up trust and confidence around your business. Each sticky note pad bearing your organizational logo, marketing messages and tag line will provide you 25-100 opportunities (read sheet size) to position your brand. There is never a right or wrong way of positioning these sticky notes because the method, which works for you may not work for others. You can either offer these notes as a complimentary token with some festive purchases or you can gift them as an acknowledgement token during promotional events or as a parting party gift at the end of a family event. Or you can position them in new customer shopping bags. The choice of positioning is entirely and solely yours! You may never see benefits coming immediately after distribution, whereas effects can be felt in long term.

Do you know why do some high budget traditional marketing products fail to perform? Because they offer zero utility value to the intended user, however adhesive pads work the opposite. They offer sizeable space for scribbling messages and people love using it until the whole pad is consumed. Most marketers love resupplying these pads because they know people would remember them every time they see it over doors, tables or other visible surfaces. Going by trends, promotional products with high practical utility are always appreciated, no matter how cheap or costly they are.

“Attention seeking” and “information dissemination” are the two most prominent uses of these sticky notes. Perhaps you might have seen them as coupons on pizza boxes or as delivery attempt notices at office or residential doors or as marketing messages on automobiles or residential windows. There is simply no limit for application, only thing you need to keep in mind if they work well only against smooth and clean surfaces.

On summarizing it can be stated that personalized sticky pads aid you to create brand awareness (without drilling holes in your pocket) by offering good utility value to the user.

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