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Value Sticky Pads - Adhesive Notepads

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Value Sticky Pads

Custom value sticky pads or adhesive notepads are widely used in homes, schools and offices for information management. If you closely observe the normal day of a student, teacher, homemaker, employee and businessperson, you will find that they all struggle to memorize formulas, chemical compositions, grocery lists and contact details. You can ease their worries by giving these custom value sticky pads or adhesive notepads. Our prices include artwork, art assistance and online design proof. You can enjoy 110% lowest price match guarantee and fast turnaround time on any of these customized adhesive notepads.

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Value Building Gets Easier with These Custom Adhesive Notepads

Full colored customized value sticky pads are perfect for long term promotions. These adhesive notepads are sure to make a great impact on the mind with its uniqueness and purpose. Every time a sticky note is removed from the pad and stuck on various surfaces, your business information will receive a new high point as people are going to notice it. Logo printed value sticky pads serve as walking billboards and they will provoke people to rely on you.

Custom value sticky pads are perfect for distribution throughout the year because information management is a continuous process and each of your customer or prospect will gladly receive them. You can easily distribute these custom logo imprinted value sticky pads during:

  1. Sales calls
  2. Tradeshows
  3. Business conventions
  4. Family celebrations or you can hand them as a compliment along with an order or along with the next direct mail package.

You can avail these customized value sticky pads in variety of colors, sizes and sheet counts and they are fit for your marketing objectives and brand. You can get your brand logo, slogan and contact information printed on them attractively before distribution.

Although these customized value sticky notepads look very simple, still you can easily harness their marketing power. We suggest you use these branded sticky pads wisely and start promoting your business.

With these custom value sticky pads, you can be assured that you are investing in attractive little mini billboards. Full color printing and attractive price savings are some benefits that you can avail on bulk orders. If you want to know more about it, feel free to reach out to our print experts at 855-8668372 or email them at

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