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Why do scratch and notepads make a popular branding stationary?

Stationery products are always favored by marketers for brand building and business gifting due to high utility value and ease that they offer. Today, there is no dearth of choices, when it comes to choosing the right branding stationary. You can avail them according to your personal choices, business preferences, budget and target audience. Custom scratch and notepads are the most popular branding stationary sought by marketers due to several reasons. Hang on to know more.

Variety, Variety and Extreme Variety
Personalized notepads can be availed in various sizes and styles. If you are going to invest in it for the first time, then knowing the difference between them will aid you in making right choice.  The most popular styles include –

  • Memo cubes – They feature square shape pages, which are stacked deeply to form a cube. Low-tack adhesive are used over pages so that they can be easily detached from the cube for scribbling something. Customized notepaper cubes are ideal to use at home or office on desk and offers convenience to jot down quick notes.
  • Adhesive /sticky notes – They are revolutionary notepads by all means. Also, known as “Post-It Notes”, these are usually sought for buying attention of the intended staff or person in the office or other organizations. Individual sheets of paper are glued by using low-tack adhesive strips and they can be easily detached and re-adhered to other surface. Originally they measured 3” x3” or smaller. Today, you can avail them in different sizes.Also, they are offered in interesting color profiles such as yellow, red, green, dark pink, etc.
  • Scratch pads – This term is applicable to small notepads that can be easily managed within purse or pocket. Also, known as memo pads, they can be utilized for writing personal reminders, short notes, or brief lists. The pages are smaller and look adorable; you can sensibly use them for scribbling down immediate thoughts and important piece of information.
  • Notepads – This term is usually employed for type of writing pads, which are little larger than scratch pads and offer plenty of room for scribbling. The paper is spiral-bound or attached via low back tack adhesive.

Most notepads including scratch pad is offered in affordable price range. You can even procure them for lowest buying price by ordering them in bulk.

Compact and Lightweight
Except for large memo cubes most personalized scratch pads and notepads come in compact size and are light in weight, too. This means they can be carried in pockets or bags easily or managed over working tables, too.

Highly Utile
Information management is fulfilled through all the above mentioned branding stationary.custom Notepads and scratch pads offer lot more ease and fulfillment in terms of information management than other choices that are indicated through this blog.

If you are yet to invest in scratch pads, notepads (or any of its types) for brand building, then you should consider them seriously because the benefits are bigger than expected.

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