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Monthly Archives: April 2014

What are the Benefits of Investing in Full Color Sticky Notepads?

Over the years, there has been major shift in business gifting scene, with more emphasis being laid on value effective gifts, than expensive or non –performing ones. Custom full color sticky notepads are one such gift, which has become integral part of corporate branding process because they aid in improving brand visibility around your client’s […]

Employ Customized Attorney Notepads to Drive Your Legal Business

There are still lots of gossip and conundrum in legal circles regarding “whether law firms will ever enjoy the supreme status as pre-recession days”. By analyzing the information offered by some reliable sources such as Hildebrandt consulting, Thomson Reuters Peer Monitor, and Center for the Study of the Legal Profession at Georgetown University Law Center […]

Seek Customized Automobile Notepads to Drive Brand Passion

Automobile sector is expanding at the speed of light and becoming intensively competitive with each passing day. New research reveals that people are very particular about automobile brands than ever. About 90% of the conversations that people make in their private lives about automobiles are steered towards famous brands and their offerings. As a result […]

Personalized Family Favor Notepads Make a Great Memory Binder at all times

XYZ Family Reunion 2013 – Descendents of the XYZ clan, you are invited to present yourselves at annual XYZ family reunion on May 28, 2013 at Community Recreation Centre, New York City. These lines are going to cast spell on minds of everyone who is eager to catch up with their people at all times. […]

Customized Finance Notepads for Cutting through Financial Marketing Chaos in 2013

Finance is a power word, which shares limelight with many other keywords such as technology, progress, trends, etc. Post recession era, this term has gained immense momentum in all senses because people are always in need of finance. As a result many financial organizations and products are populating the market and everyone is trying to […]

Why are Healthcare Services Seeking Customized Healthcare Notepads to Enhance Customer Relationships?

With pressures of a new financial year 2013 mounting up, healthcare marketers are struggling hard to drive their sales and build their promotional strategies. Today, healthcare marketers have to advertise hard to keep their practice flourishing and to lay hands on dividends. Managing and maintaining customer relationships is becoming a tackier task for healthcare marketers […]

Customized homecare notepads is a proven way to boost homecare referrals

The reimbursement rates are declining and its becoming tackier for homecare and hospice services to keep themselves afloat. Post recession, these services are struggling to reach out for more referrals and they have started reorganizing their marketing efforts. The paradox in this case, is rearranging the marketing campaigns with lower investment. The inclination in such […]

Do you know why customized hotel notepads are the new green roofs for hoteliers?

Green Roof is an eco-friendly architectural ecstasy, which has taken the world by storm and it is being largely laid over homes around world to counter the increasing atmospheric heat. Customized hotel notepads acts as this “new green roof” for hoteliers and travel marketers, who wish to counter the heating up niche competition. During recession, […]

Customized Kids Notepads an Excellent Giveaway for Kids Events

Customized kids notepads are making splash in various kids’ parties and parents have started choosing them as giveaways over the age old choices such as colored pencils, drawing books, and other kiddy gift boxes. This is because it– Offers high utility value Helps to stoke warmth in relationship that a kid shares with a person […]

Why is customized marketing notepads becoming part of winning marketing strategies?

The word promotional notepads is very familiar to all because they have been employed for goodwill creation since very long time. Today, when most of the businesses operate in virtual marketing modes, real time tokens (such as marketing notepads) are often snubbed as reminisces of old school marketing. In fact, some surveys suggest that even […]