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Customized Kids Notepads an Excellent Giveaway for Kids Events

Customized kids notepads are making splash in various kids’ parties and parents have started choosing them as giveaways over the age old choices such as colored pencils, drawing books, and other kiddy gift boxes. This is because it–

  • Offers high utility value
  • Helps to stoke warmth in relationship that a kid shares with a person
  • Is value – and cost-effective and it is loved by everyone

Customized kids notepads aka writing pads imprinted with kids caricatures or some cartoons make a great giveaway during –

  • Birthday Parties – Giveaway gifts are integral part of any birthday party. Kids who attend these parties always expect some small tokens in return. They will be happier when parents or the birthday boy/girl hand them over personalized kids notepads. It will fuel their memories and will keep them enchanted with its uniqueness.
  • Baby Shower – Giving personalized kids notepads during baby shower parties are slowly gaining momentum. Actually it becomes a thought ahead of time and guests would really love such attempts. It is equivalent to seeking blessings for a new born much ahead of he or she actually graces lives of parents. People will always keep such personalized kids notepads in memory of a great event that they attended and it will keep them reminding about the pride of newbie parents.
  • Family Events and School Functions – Parents, teachers, grandparents, can choose to hand over personalized kid’s notepads as appreciation gifts during some family events, annual school functions or some other events. Kids will be happier to grab them and they will always keep it closer to their heart. It also makes a great giveaway during kids painting competitions or events organized by parent councils etc.
  • Themed Parties for Kids– Girls only parties (for small girls), chocolate parties, and fairy tale parties are some of the themed events that are put up in honor of kids at many US homes. There is a big tradition of gifting away value effective tokens during such events and personalized kids notepads can be considered for the same.

Promotional notepads can be favored for gifting by advertisers who are targeting kids such as

  • Toy Stores – These always try to build business by attracting kids and handing them some cost effective token during their visit will always work for any toy store. They can always try to give away something effective as a suitably caricatured kids notepads or cartooned kids notepads to hold interests of kids. It will remind kids about updating their toys from time to time and they will create opportunities to visit the stores with parents in tow.
  • Kids Designers – Within increasing pressure on parents to turn up their kids into eye candy during some social, community and school events, many of them are rushing towards kid’s boutiques mushrooming in cities.  It is becoming increasingly difficult for these boutiques to retain their client profiles and to maintain their lead. Gifting away small tokens such as personalized kid’s notepads at the end of a fitting session will do the trick. It will help parents and kids both to remember the designer easily whenever the next time they decide to turn out in style.

Personalized kids notepads are available in different sizes, shapes and sheets. Parents, teachers or whoever desires to hand away customized kids notepads can always order by sizes or go for some highly ordered notepads in sizes 3.5×4.25, 4 x 5.25, 3 x 5.25 and 3x 3.

If you believe it’s difficult to keep kids happier at all times, then try out these customized kids notepads and see the difference it brings!

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