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Do you know why customized hotel notepads are the new green roofs for hoteliers?

Green Roof is an eco-friendly architectural ecstasy, which has taken the world by storm and it is being largely laid over homes around world to counter the increasing atmospheric heat. Customized hotel notepads acts as this “new green roof” for hoteliers and travel marketers, who wish to counter the heating up niche competition.

During recession, hotel industry suffered a huge set back and they had to slash down their prices and increase the facilities to keep the business going. Today, however, the scene is slowly picking up and hoteliers are more than eager to pick up momentum that existed in pre-recession years. They understand that along with providing good stay packages and facilities, it is important to keep in touch with customers on a regular basis because referral or word-of-mouth publicity still works for them. Today, hoteliers have started gifting away small tokens to travelers, and tourists, who put up in their hotel for short stay, business stay, or leisure stay. This is why we have earlier proclaimed that personalized hotel notepads are becoming the new green roofs for hotel marketers.

Promotional notepads have been around since very longer time, today, however their popularity is touching over roof because –

  • They help to highlight brand credentials with ease – As said before, hoteliers understand that brand building is not about saying “we will miss u being here” or handing over a contact card to travelers at the end of a travel. However, brand building is all about capturing a comfort space within a client’s consciousness. It is all about making them to say “Please try to put up at so and so place, whenever you visit New York, the next time, as they take good care of you”. And for eclipsing consciousness of any average tourist to utter these words, it takes more than just a good service. A suitably imprinted promotional hotel notepad works best for any hotelier, as it helps to keep their brand name fresh and green in minds of their client.
  • They offer freedom of expression – Most of the people are habitual of scribbling some information about their day-to-day life and they always maintain notebooks, diaries, etc to note down such information. A customized notepad is rarely thrown out without a solid reason. And it will be used in homes and offices to express some information pertaining to personal, professional and business issues.
  • Serves as a good travel memoir – Photographs are indeed good reservoir of memories. However, a customized hotel notepad becomes a very value effective memoir of a travel experience. And it will remind a viewer about the travel memories that they wrapped during a tour or leisure trip or business trip. Also, it will moisten their minds amidst hassles of routine life.

Hotelier who have decided to invest in these promotional notepads for gifting can order by sizes or they can seek some popular choices such as 3.5×4.25 custom printed hotel notepads, 4×5.25 custom hotel scratch pads and 3 x 5.25 customized hotel notepads.

Personalized hotel notepads are always best bet for money for any hotelier because they serve above their expectations and help them to build their goodwill easily. Are you ready to pocket the revenues and grab the market share that you enjoyed pre-recession days?

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