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Why is customized marketing notepads becoming part of winning marketing strategies?

The word promotional notepads is very familiar to all because they have been employed for goodwill creation since very long time. Today, when most of the businesses operate in virtual marketing modes, real time tokens (such as marketing notepads) are often snubbed as reminisces of old school marketing. In fact, some surveys suggest that even in this age of virtual marketing people love to receive cost effective promotional tokens from advertisers and they highly appreciate such indulgences. During a study conducted by Louisiana State University and University of San Texas at San Antonio, it was reported that 52% of the participants considered business with the advertiser who gifted them unique old school tokens & they thought highly of them.

Nothing can have value without being an object of utility
Today, many advertisers are grabbing customized marketing notepads, and consider them as “hottest giveaways” because it offers them true value for investment.  Also, it tops the list of most offered gifts after wearable and cosmetics. When used in combination with other marketing strategies or tools, a personalized marketing notepad can have great synergy effect on a brand. In other words, it not only boosts the reliability of a brand, but also cosmeticizes febrile and duller campaigns with ease. Why is it so? Because notepads are created to give higher utility value and people use it for countless number of purposes. It can be used for scribbling some important homely notes, making sketches, writing contact numbers, creating memorandum and official letters, etc. People often buy notepads for using it at office and home, so when they are getting something for free, why won’t they grab it.

First Impression is Always Last Impression
This is a supreme law of attraction and it works in all spheres. Businesses, which are trying to attract certain section of demographics such as kids, students, homemakers, etc., can find success with this notepad. They should always try to judge which type of notepads (plain or lined or colored) will capture attention of their prospective customers. They should try to concentrate on details such as what type of information do they wish to rely through these notepads such as logo, contact details, images, etc? What concepts do you think will keep the customer enchanted with your brand? Advertisers who wish to invest in these promotional notepads can order by sizes or they can choose from notepads in sizes 3.5 x 4.25, 4x 5.25, and 3×5.25, which are offered in 25, 50, and 100 sheets.

Remember unique concepts always win easy attention and creates bigger impressions, too.

Appropriate Employment To Trigger Brand Awareness
Simply employing customized marketing notepads isn’t enough if you wish to spread your brand awareness, in fact it all depends on how you employ them. Handing over personalized marketing notepads during tradeshows, road shows, community events, social events, sponsored events, etc., can help to wrap easy attention and triggers brand awareness.

Customized marketing notepads always offer best value for investment and you cannot simply go wrong with them at any time.

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