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Why are Non Sticky Memo Cubes Receiving So much Importance?

Many advertising tools have come and conquered the scene. Some of them lived to inspire the generations, and some others just sank faster than Titanic. Non sticky memo cubes have lived to inspire generations and climbed their way to the highest pedestal of cost effective and brand effective tools.

Advertisers still get butterflies in their stomach, when mere thought of its utilization crosses their minds. Now you may think, what exactly goes in making them a hit?  Then here’s the answer, which will pacify your thoughts and help you to make decision in their favor-

  • Cost effective and Value added promotional tool – Non-sticky memo cubes definitely make one of the best known cost effective promotional choices. Advertisers who have been searching for some cheaper and valuable choices can chance upon them. A memo cube offers high value against investment. Customers who receive them as a gift will make it a point to place them in visible areas and would love to remember the brand in a special way.
  • Good Choice for Business Travels – Advertisers understand the importance of business gifting and often struggle to come up with ideas, which serve best gifting choices. Non sticky memo cubes make good choice for promotional travels and are easily manageable. Advertisers can suitably pack these cubes to gain easy visibility. They can hand it over during the tradeshows or other business events where they expect to gather huge publicity.
  • Affordable and Suitable for All types of Campaigns – This is a great point, which seems to be working in favor of memo cubes. They are available in different price ranges and advertisers can choose them as per their preferences. Generally they are classified as per the number of sheets, quality of paper and other relative aspects. The prices of this non-sticky memo cubes range from $1 – $50.Adveritsers of all genres and budget sizes can choose to utilize these cubes for their campaigns. They can always make their choices clear prior to choosing these magnets and make considerable savings.
  • Long Serving Promotional Item – The lasting power of memo cubes depend on number of sheets present in them. This means advertisers who wish longer promotions can always choose to go for cubes with large number of sheets. Those who cannot afford to invest in larger cubes can always go with moderate ones with larger sized sheets. This means advertisers can choose to bargain for their stay in public memory for a longer time by making right choices.

Now you may understand why we said that non –sticky memo cubes will never go out of fashion and will continue to accumulate more face value with time.

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